Bargain Service

A unique service on the market, thanks to which you will buy a proven property and get an unexpected discount.


As a rule, any seller bills the price of real estate slightly higher than what he hopes to get from the sale, because when bargaining, he can reduce it painlessly. Bargaining with the seller is necessary. Our service will help you to provide you with a discount even greater than the seller himself pledged. If you are ready to buy real estate, order the Lepši nakup s jistotou a slevou service and we will provide you with the maximum discount. You will receive full legal support for free, while the cost of our work will amount to only 35% of the discount that we will provide you.

Why is it advantageous?

  • A team of professionals is working for you.
  • Verification of the owner, preferably his legal one sales representative is free.
  • Pay only for the result.
  • You have the opportunity to receive a discount on the advertising price of the property
  • You only pay a commission of 35% of us negotiated discounts on the advertised price.
  • You save your time.

What does the service look like?

  1. Step
    After viewing the selected property, you will see it before booking you order the «Buy with security and discount» service and fill it out simple form. (you must agree to the terms and conditions Bigle related to this service).
  2. Step
    We will select the best certified broker from our list, who will deal with the seller or his representative and at the same time will become your helper during the service «Buy with confidence and discount ». We will sign a provision agreement with the selected broker services.
  3. Step
    Bigle will analyze your property from the data in the relevant registers. The expert will carry out a personal inspection of the property, house and surroundings. Make a detailed price analysis based on statistics on sales and advertising of similar properties. Bigle evaluates the information gathered and analyzes it within individual statements.
  4. Step
    A certified broker will negotiate with the seller or his representative, negotiates better terms of purchase, or discount. All will agree with you. Based on the contract concluded with you on the provision of the service shall be signed with the Seller or its authorized person representative booking contract.
  5. Step
    You pay a commission according to the service contract (35% of negotiated by us discounts on the advertised price) through legal custody. We will then provide you with our Legal Aid service free of charge. You will receive digital from us for long-term electronic storage two of your new property with an attachment to all that document we have made during the provision of this service. Digital duo You can add to your property independently and unlimitedly use its features.

What will the real estate inspection service bring you?

  • Representing your interests to the seller
  • You get a package of legal services free of charge
  • You save time and nerves
  • We only earn when you have benefited

Our Plans

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    Better shopping with confidence and discount.


    Better shopping with confidence and discount.