Bigle will arrange tailor-made insurance offers for you.


Bigle will provide you not only with the selection of the optimal insurance, but also with its negotiation and at the same time assistance with settlement insurance events.

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Insurance for tenants
Household insurance

If you have your equipment and things in the rented property, we recommend arranging household insurance. A household is everything that is inside the property and is not firmly connected to the property - for example, free-standing appliances, furniture, electronics, etc. In short, everything that falls out of the property if you imaginarily turn it upside down. It is intended to cover damage caused by elements, thieves, vandals or other incidents that damage your property. Some insurance companies also allow you to arrange the payment of replacement accommodation in the event of serious damage that will make the property uninhabitable.

Liability insurance in civic life

You may accidentally cause property damage or injury to a third party. Frequent events include, for example, the heating of neighbors during washing, a traffic accident such as a cyclist / pedestrian, damage to the landlord's belongings, etc. Unfortunately, liability is a very underestimated insurance. Tell yourself, would you go on the road today without liability? Probably not due to a legal obligation, but you don't have to go into debt in the event of an accident, because the insurance company will take care of everything. Citizen's liability insurance works in exactly the same way.

Why is it advantageous?

No waiting. We'll come anywhere, instead appointments are determined by you

Our consultants are experts in the field insurance and have many years of experience

We choose from a whole range of insurance companies in the Czech Republic market.

We will give you 100% support in processing insurance events

Our service step by step

Step 1
After filling in the data on each other and real estate and send inquiry.
Step 2
Within 24 hours at the latest will contact you consultant who this provides the service.
Step 3
Our consultants will process all obtained documents and prepare offers.
Step 4
You choose the most suitable an offer, which we then transfer to the contract and we will close together.