Legal services

Bigle will ensure the processing of all legal documentation tailored to your needs. Choose from the services or tariff packages listed below, the one that meets your requirements.

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Bigle will not only provide you with legal services related to the sale or rental of real estate, but will also take care of you if you need help with the definition of housing units or their management. Last but not least, Bigle can help you in the event of a legal problem that needs to be addressed.

Why is it advantageous?

No waiting. Communication with a lawyer is established through our built-in chat.

Our lawyers are real estate experts and have many years of experience in the real estate business.

You will receive all documents with insured liability and a guarantee of zero legal defects.

100% protection against unclear wording, sanctions or possible litigation.

The counseling is conducted in Czech, German, English and Russian languages.

Wow doesthe service work?

Step 1

After enter informaion about yourself and your property proceed to pay.

Step 2

Within 24 hours you will be contacted by a lawyer, which provides this service.

Step 3

Our lawyers will process all documents obtained and prepare contracts.

Step 4

Finished contracting and other documents will be sent to your e-mail. We will guide you through the process.

Tariff plans

Other services

Community legal support unit owner

Because we know that managing the administration associated with the existence of a community of unit owners can sometimes be a challenging task, we will be happy to help you with this work and prepare a legal service tailored to the needs of your community.

Legal support in resolving disputes

Legal support in dispute resolution - If any during the ownership of the immovable property of any dispute property nature (whether due to debts) rent or recovery of damage caused), we will provide You get a quick analysis of the design problem its solution, as well as legal representation in others stages of solving the problem.